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Gymnasium Verl

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English at our school:

Already from beginning the pupils at our school become acquainted with the English language. The aim is to teach pupils the skills to act with communicative and intercultural competencies. With those abilities they can get on with their language knowledge in everyday-, occupational- and job-related situations. From the subject English the pupils also learn methodological skills for the handling of texts and media as the basis for independent learning.



The already acquired language skills of the primary school help pupils to learn better and develop their language. Several forms of work are used. Not just the school books, but also texts, novels, media and more are applied. This mediums are age-appropiated and authentic.

In all grades and years class-tests and exams are written.

In addition, the courses make class-trips to english-speaking countries, where they learn to deal  better with  the language and traditions.


Especially the pupils of the fifth and sixth grade are encouraged with tuition, but also pupils of advanced levels are still very motivated to learn English. This time we have three advanced courses in English.



English Drama group:

Very popular and a well-attented events are the theatrical performances of our school`s English Drama Group. Every year interested pupils have the chance to deal with English language in a creative way. In their performances the actors do no just present the play by acting, but also with special dances.