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Gymnasium Verl

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The building history


Before starting the construction 1977: the today’s school area is still grassland.



First construction phase: initially only a building sign exists.



Then everything takes place rapidly.



The construction is almost finished and the first classes can start.



Second construction phase: With the beginning school year 1979/80 the second section is ready for use. It contains not only more classrooms but also specific rooms for natural sciences, music and art as well as a conference-room, a media-room and a room for geographical maps.



…a sanitary-room, the photo-laboratory, the student body room, libraries and rooms for the heads of school and secretaries. The provisional lodging of the administration was thus ended.


Third construction phase: Due to the increasing number of students, which is at a record high with 170 new pupils in 1981/82, a third section is urgently needed. Moreover facilities for the installation of a 6th form are required.



In April 1984 the new corridors for the 6th form are ready. They comprise 12 classrooms, rooms for music, art and biology and furthermore a lounge for 6th formers, a book storage and an examination room.


Fourth construction phase: 1993 another classroom and two computer-rooms are added on the second floor of the school.


Fifth construction phase: Upon this section of the school three more classrooms and a room for teaching materials are added in 1999.



In March 2014 the conversion of our new school building was completed. The whole school is very proud of the new building.


Important dates of the school



April 8th, 1974

Verl Council decides to build a ‘Gymnasium’ (Grammar  school) in Verl.


December 1975

Dieter Aspelmeier is unanimously chosen to become the first headmaster of the new school.



At the beginning of the new school year 88 boys and girls are welcomed on August 22nd, 77.

In form 5. they are taught by 9 teachers who also take up work then.


October 8th, 1977

The school is officially opened and Dieter Aspelmeier is inaugurated as Headmaster.


Summer 1978

Ludger Kortevoß becomes Deputy Headmaster.



The second part of the school building is completed.


May 11th, 1981

The Ministry of Education gives permission to install the ‘sixth’ form (Sekundarstufe II).


May 26th, 1981

An ‘Open Day’ is arranged to show the school to the public.



The first students pass their ‘Abitur’ (= A-Levels).



Additional classrooms, including  two computer rooms, are completed.



Three more classrooms are added.



Ludger Kortevoß retires as Deputy Headmaster and is succeeded by Stefan Sudholt in August 2002.


July 2002

‘Gymnasium Verl’ celebrates its 25th anniversary.


July 2003

The headmaster Dieter Aspelmeier gets his retirement.


September 2003

The new headmaster Max Bracht starts his career at Gymnasium Verl.


August 2008

The new Deputy Headmaster is Matthias Hermeler.



The council of Verl decides to rebuild our school.


March 2014

The conversion of the school building is completed.



The headmaster Max Bracht gets his retirement and Matthias Hermeler becomes the new headmaster.