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Gymnasium Verl

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At the moment this club led by Mrs Berhörster is joined by 11 members. The club is devided into two groups that meet twice a month. Goal of this club is to make the students enjoy water activities. It is very important to learn special techniques of kayaking. Every once in a while the club goes to kayak on rivers like the Lippe, the Alme, the Ems, the Diemel and the Weser. Most of the equipment is sponsored by the "Wasser-Wander-Freunde-Verl" (WWFV). The special thing about this club and what they attach importance to is that they kayak on floods in high mountains. As you can see on the pictures, the club has even visited the Alpes. On this tour to the Alpes you can not only get to know the beautiful countryside but also visit places with the kayak, where usually no people go to. To be able to kayak on these rivers you have to have had a good training in the club to know all the important techniques. This tour is organized in cooperation with the WWFV. But also the competition with other schools is promoted. The club has won several medals and trophies. Self-assertion, self-assurance and team work as much as the love of nature and environmentally friendly behavior are supported in this club.