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Gymnasium Verl

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Mister Krüger


Students of 8, 9, EF


Tuesday, 7th lesson


Room P2


Mr Krüger is the director of this club. It is devided into a group of novices (that meets once a week) and a group of advancers (that meets twice a week) which are each joined by about 20 students. Students usually begin learning Italian in 8th or 9th grade or in EF and then take part in the exchange to Vincenza in 10th or 11th grade. Goal of this club is the passing of the european language diploma. Even though speaking the language is emphasized, the grammar does not get a raw deal either. In the long run, the club is supposed to prepare the students for the european language certificate. Important for novices is that you can leave the club at any time since the school supplies the books.